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And The Next Generation Of Website Design - Emerald Seed Products Ltd.

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I've heard about CMS and web design, but where do cloud apps fit in?

If you've ever maintained a modern website then odds are you've used an online tool to help manage the content. This is a powerful example of early cloud technology that has since evolved into a useful set of features that both web designers and content directors alike use for syncronizing content across a range of platforms such as a desktop computer, TV, tablet, e-reader, android, iphone, blackberry, and everything in between.

It's all in the software! Azreal Cloud Platform is our solution to developing sophisticated high-performance cloud based tools without breaking the piggy bank!

W3C compliant HTML5 web design can get very complicated and talented application developers are rare. Far too often its easier to find a graphic designer or ad firm to make a website look good than to make it functional and yet with advanced programming there really is no limit to what a good cms and website design can do for your business. Virtually any desktop program can be adapted into either a big screen or mobile cloud application.

That's where we come in! We write our own all-in-one technology and it's pure high-octane C code.

Imagine a world where your website is the control centre from which you and your staff manage the key elements of your business.

Stop paying per device just so you can give more than one employee access to a key report and instead consider trying custom web development in a safe environment.

Please contact us today!

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Collaboration Is Key
It's our primary business strategy to get other Saskatchewan web design companies to use our purely Canadian technology.

In this way our software, Azreal, improves and so does the web.

Especially consider us if you are in Saskatchewan. Why not offer a local solution?

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If you like one of these talented Saskatchewan web development companies, please don't forget to ask them to consider using our technology.